You prepare for method "Snow aging" (snow room aging) to think to be suitable most under the environment of Japan and meat which let you mature by "wet dry aging" and can enjoy dishes drawing taste of meat let alone steak.
In addition, we order fishery products including fresh "oyster" to eat raw from sometimes seasonal production center and market.
Please thoroughly enjoy by fresh material dakarakosono recipe.
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Delicious aging beef will be 29% OFF on 29th at each month!

Delicious aging beef will be 29% OFF on 29th at each month!

29th is sun of meat every month!
29% of aging beef is OFF!
Please have aged meat of careful selection in discount.


We introduce great value party plan of with all-you-can-drink!

・It is steaming a whole fish plan 4,480 yen noisily together

[Appetizer] Smoked balsamico sauce / fruit tomato of fried crunchy juicy oyster / tea duck and straight spring roll of salad / muscular prawns of ricotta
onsai: Broiled steaming a whole fish oyster / white shellfish
Salad Fresh! Farm herb salad
Steak: Snow room aging zipper eye roll steak
Rice: Garlic rice of aged meat
[Dessert] Today's gelato

・Market carefully selected premium plan 4,980 yen

[Appetizer] Of straight spring roll / queen crab and turnip of spicy grass saute with butter / fruit tomato of oyster and salad / home made roast beef of ricotta steal, and stretch out, and draw /; Bekko candy of dried bean curds and sea urchin
onsai: ahijo / of oyster and mushrooms is heaping full! White wine steaming of shellfish
Salad Fresh! Vegetables Bagna cauda
Steak: Steak of domestic ribulose
Rice: Garlic rice of aged meat
[Dessert] Today's desert assortment

・All-you-can-drink menu (120 minutes) ※We can extend for + 500 yen for 30 minutes.

Sparkling wine / wine (red, white) / draft beer / highball / cocktail / Sangria / shochu / soft drinks
※Order is 30 minutes ago in the last.

※Menu of various party plans is menu example. We may change by the stocking situation.
※Party plan, please be reserved by 15:00 on the day before.
※We accept various party plans in 4-20 people. When it is higher than 20 people, please consult with the staff.

Aging beef by discerning method!

Aging beef is technique to increase amino acid of delicious ingredient, and to do meat more deliciously by letting meat idle, and pulling extra moisture.
In "meat and oyster market," we chose the most suitable method to perform under the environment of Japan in aging.

・Snow aging

Storehouse "snow room" of nature using snow which snow was old in deep Niigata, and was inherited more.
We let you mature by Snow aging to let idle at humidity, temperature that maintained the same in snow room slowly.

・Wet dry aging

We remove unnecessary drip while caring for in every day performed at aging (wet aging) in pack using vacuum and Japanese butcher shop and are the aging method which was particular about sweetness of fat which put maturing covering with paper aging together and taste of meat.

U.S. Snow aging: Zipper eye roll 150 g 1,458- yen
Australia product wet dry aging: Cube roll 150 g 1,620- yen
Domestic wet dry aging: Ribulose 150 g 2,106- yen

We send fresh oyster every day!

We offer oyster which selected carefully from the whole country, foreign countries.
There is set which is value. Please prefer other "today's oysters" to menu.

Assorted recommendation 3piece 1,058 yen / 5piece 1,728 yen of today's delivery

Basic information

Business hoursFrom 17:00 to 23:30 (LO foods 22:30, drink 23:00)
Seat175 seats (pizza Salvatore Cuomo & grill and combination)
Use of cardAvailable
Reference budget3,500 yen
Address1-18, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa VIVACE 1F