With `RAYRIS'…We mean "bridge of light" which you win.
"RAYRIS" draws your brightness by offer of plan that fitted each person's customer and kind counseling let alone effective treatment to have mind and body are beautiful together, and customer be healthy.
Furthermore, we offer price plan to be able to go in original thin figure program and pocket money range.
We aim at salon granting thought of such you to wish that it wants to be beautiful forever.
We offer best technique and hospitality in elegant private space such as resort.
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Skin of modern woman thorough humidity retention "N-in natural skin care"

N-in natural skin care cosmetics in spite of being "moisture from the inside of skin,
We want to send cosmetics which we can continue caring for in peace"
From thought called this, we were born.
At the same time to infiltrate beauty ingredient by nanotechnology to every corner of skin, and to bring up moisture from the inside,
We combine plant ingredient of nature luxuriously without using fragrance, coloring agent, mineral oil, paraben, preservatives entirely.
We protect skin from external stress and we originally support power possessing and push from behind.

It is available toward all regardless of quality of age, sex, skin in peace.

・Moi strike cleansing soap 80 g 4,860 yen
・Moi strike washing soap 100 g 5,400 yen
・Moi strike lotion     200 ml of 9,720 yen
・Moi strike essence    30 ml of 10,800 yen
・Moi strike cream      35 g of 10,800 yen

※Please ask to the store for further information.

One treatment might make your body part thin! "Parts treatment for 45 min"

Course menu by once that can start losing weight casually debuts!
We will become beautiful with a choice of curious parts♪

・Parts thin figure once 45 minutes 6,264 yen
※Please choose curious parts among thigh, buttocks, calf, waist, upper arm, back.

Basic information

Business hoursFrom 11:00 to 21:00
Address4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa MAGGIORE 2F

Hair loss menu

Experience, whole body hair loss one time 9,800 yen
Under the knee, elbow lower three times 2,800 yen

Body menu

Super fat burning 90 minutes 25,200 yen
kyabiteshombaningu 90 minutes 25,200 yen
4MAX course 120 minutes30,240 yen

Facial menu

Placenta facial 60 minutes 18,900 yen
Anti-aging lifting 60 minutes18,900 yen
Pore, small face facial 60 minutes 18,900 yen
Light power photo 60 minutes 18,900 yen
Reset facial 30 minutes 5,400 yen

Back menu

Gommage treatment 60 minutes Experience-based 4,000 yen normal 7,350 yen
Phototreatment 60 minutes Experience-based 7,350 yen normal 14,700 yen

Bridal menu

Bridal plan experience course 60 minutes 5,250 yen
Six months plan248,000 yen
Three months plan148,000 yen
Two months plan98,000 yen
One month plan59,000 yen
Two weeks plan49,800 yen
Day before plan35,800 yen