We give new body care [Re.Ra.Ku system body care] or foot care that adopted shoulder blade stretch free.
In addition, we propose health care service in Re.Ra.Ku.

What is health care service? ?
We come back to body which the cause already devoted itself to when even ... which is comfortable, and becomes comfortable is the next day when we receive relaxation.
Do you have such an experience?
It is because there is property to "be restored" to be in what kind of state to body.
Body fits fatigue state too much and is going to return to the state. We value communication why fatigue collects in the point that it is not often revealed only by touching and thinks about long-term health.
In this way, it does not merely untie in temporizing to customer, and it is health care service of Re.Ra.Ku that serves to be much more comfortable, and to be able to be that both heart and body are flexible and can be.
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☆limited course for new visitors☆

With the great value price of new Tadashi-limited, please try.

Oil foot care 40 minutes         Normal 4,000 yen → 3,000 yen
4,600 yen normal for body care + shoulder blade stretch 40 minutes → 2,980 yen
6,000 yen normal for body care + shoulder blade stretch 60 minutes → 4,800 yen
9,000 yen normal for body care + shoulder blade stretch 90 minutes → 7,200 yen
10,500 yen normal for body care + oil foot care 100 minutes → 8,315 yen

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Basic information

Business hours11:00-21:00 (last reception desk 20:30)
Use of cardAvailable
Address4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa MAGGIORE 2F
[Re.Ra.Ku system body care]
We massage whole body from towel and stretch.
Please sense "shoulder blade stretch" bodily to be able to move muscle of whole body including neck, shoulder, waist flexibly.
We bring effect same as exercise from head to foot just to undergo surgical operation relaxedly.
Greatly distribute; and of "fatigue repulse course" and waist of two courses is tired, and is divided into recommended "diet course".

<< fatigue repulse course >> of shoulder blade stretch + whole body massage
<< diet course >> of shoulder blade stretch + whole body massage, and do pelvic stretch +

30% of degrees (lying on one's stomach) that is tired         30 minutes course 3,888 yen
Degree 60% (~ sideways-facing ~ facing upward face down) 60 minutes course 6,480 yen that is tired
Degree 90% (~ sideways-facing ~ facing upward face down) 90 minutes course 8,748 yen that is tired

[foot care]
It stimulates reflection ward of sole and said zone by pressure that I feel good with slight pain at, and it features we promote blood circulation, and to plan disease prevention and improvement of constitution.
It is particularly recommended to person who wants to feel fine from tiredness of foot and fatigue!
30 minutes course (facing upward)      The sole center          3,240 yen
40 minutes course (facing upward)      Sole ~ calf      4,320 yen
60 minutes course (~ facing upward face down) sole ~ calf ~ knee circumference 6,480 yen

[Re.Ra.Ku system pelvis care]
By rubber band and stretch for pelvis, we fix destroyed pelvis of Balance for poor posture clearly.
(it is course of stretch main, but one where massaging is necessary for is recommended to putting together with course of Re.Ra.Ku system body care!)
30 minutes course 4,968 yen
60 minutes course 7,560 yen
90 minutes course 9,828 yen

[optional menu]
We add to the normal course mentioned above and are available.

<< eye head care >>
It is recommended to person who wants to let fatigue of eyes and head be refreshing.
We ease strain of muscle of face and solve strain.
We can expect tired cancellation of eyes and shoulder by promotion of the blood circulation!
Ten minutes 1,080 yen
20 minutes 1,748 yen
※We add to menu and are usually available.

<< hand care >>
We untie tired hand and arm using cream or oil.
It is recommended care toward the fatigue by desk work and careful work.
15 minutes 1,620 yen
25 minutes 2,700 yen
※We add to menu and are usually available.

<< bow ELLE care >>
Bow ELLE is the bowel.
We untie the small intestine and large intestine which function has decreased for various reasons.
As muscle of waist and related stomach unties, it is recommended toward the fatigue of waist!
Ten minutes 1,080 yen
※We add to menu and are usually available.

<< keratin care 30 minutes >>
30 minutes 3,564 yen
※We add to course of foot care and are available.

<< extension ten minutes >> 1,080 yen

<< nomination charges >> 540 yen

<< change of clothes >> (free more than ※ 60 minutes) top and bottom for each 108 yen

<< aroma oil >> 540 yen
There are lavender, rosemary, three kinds of grapefruit.
We use in foot care, hand care.

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