SHAPIT is pro-martial art specialized in shape up menu exercise gym.
We do shape in kick and punch from head to toe throughout with flexible muscle, and beautiful and natural carby line is the motto in "clearly happily effect-like" prepares in polished program and environment.
Human trunk becomes key to hit strong punch and kick. If human trunk becomes strong, everyday posture becomes beautiful, and anyone can spend every day for beautiful posture to be startled.
Furthermore, kick and punch are most suitable for stress-relieving. In Shay pit to be used to neatly happily casually while feeling refreshed, let's spend daily life that is every Buddy beauty.
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Basic information

Regular holiday Please refer to store directly.
Business hoursWeekday 11:00-21:30 [thu] 12:00-21:00 sat/sun/national holiday 11:00-20:00 [closed days] first thu
Use of cardAvailable
Reference budget8,778 yen ~
Address1-18, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa VIVACE 2F
■Mon fee
・The use is possible for all monthly member 13,200 yen business hours. The strongest member classification.
・We can use at OPEN ~ 16:30 on member 9,350 yen weekdays in the daytime.
・Limited member 8,778 yen is available four times a month.

・Enrollment fee 11,000 yen
・Registration office work fee 2,200 yen
・It becomes insurance when we were hurt in insurance charges 3,000 yen (tax exemption) SHAPIT store, and member becomes required participation.
It occurs at the time of the first fee withdrawal. We update once a year afterwards. (we hang and throw away)

■Option (monthly basis rate)
・regasurentaru for regasu 1,100 yen kick.
・Grove, rental of regasu for Grove and kick for 2,200 yen regasupanchi.
・Wear rental 2,200 yenware top and bottom rental.
・It is service to take Grove and tool of baggage custody 1,650 yen individual by gym.
(we become caretaker at designated BOX capacity.)