Pioneer who spread specialty coffee in Japan, "Starbucks coffee." There are terrace seats facing VIA CINECITTA' at LA CITTADELLA, we can spend delicious coffee time while enjoying fresh air with beautiful Italian cityscape. Other than popular seller menu "Starbucks latte" (340 yen /short), light meal menus provided.
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"Chocolate cake top Frappuccino ®with Matcha shot"

■New frapuccino! :
The drink certainly lived up to its name, with a shot of matcha giving the top part of the drink a beautiful green shade, and the chocolate cake top peeking out from the generous layers of cream.
Frappuccino ® filled with dessert 
The almond cream base is said to provide a nutty counterpart to the drink, but what really had our tastebuds standing up and paying attention was the combination of green tea and chocolate cake! 

Tall 620 yen
■Sale period: From 2017 June 14th, Wed to 2017 July 13th, Thu
※Price (tax-excluded price)
※until we run out of stock

"One More Coffee"! The second cup of drip coffee is 100 yen (tax-excluded)!

Only for visitor who shows the receipt of the purchase made on the same day can enjoy the second cup (same size) for 100 yen (tax-excluded).
Please use the lounge to wait before the movie and for catching up with friends and family after the movie.

※Only for the day of purchase.
※The second cup is a drip coffee of the size same as the first cup, only for drip coffee(hot / iced)
※You can enjoy this service at other stores as well (except some stores).

Basic information

Business hoursFrom 7:00 to 23:00
Seat56, terrace 33 in shop
Use of cardAvailable
Phone number044-223-1570
Address4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa MAGGIORE 1F