The Ichi

The Ichi is a professional and highly specialized fashionable and trendy brand that combines traditional crafts and modern design.
Furthermore, in The Ichi, we perform manufacturer direct marketing and wrestle for the monomaking of proudly. In performing all processes until sale made with plan, design, shop of product by oneself of customer can send product of assent at hand. Please take in breath that is monomade.
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Recommended product!

・Silver rose one ornamental hairpin (gimbaraipponkanzashi) 14,472 yen
It is silver ornamental hairpin (silver Japanese hairpin) which finished one white rose (do rose) in full glory gorgeously in pretty impression in motif.

・Four season dragonfly beautiful hair pin - winter (hitotosetombodamakanzashi - winter) 5,292 yen
It is dragonfly beautiful hair pin (Japanese hairpin) which mixes different color to translucent glass bead, and expressed the four season.

・Territory cat having roots - fearlessness (we sulk nawabarinekonetsuke - and come) 16,416 yen
Silver having roots about kitten of fearless gesture to have smile of room without knowing fear, and to incline neck to provoke partner, and to write face with hind leg is appearance.

※Please ask to the store directly for further information.

Kawasaki The Ichi-limited! Valuable information☆

★On wednesday, the point is double★
We offer double point to all the visitors who purchased on wed!

★We offer points by movie stub★
3% of one that had you bring stub is OFF!

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