Don't you think it would be nice to take care of your baby happily without scolding?
"T.O.E. baby park" is Parent-children school for 0-3-year-old children and mother.
Early education is not taking in advance education! Please feel "fun child care to stretch out wealthily without scolding child" by proper time education that you matched in timing of the one one development with skin.
Everyday child care becomes more enjoyable.

At first come to trial lesson casually♪
We hold free experience-based event at any time!
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★Privileges are varied! It is news of campaign together with the spring first everyday experience★

For a limited time great great value campaign until from February to the end of April began!

It is chance now if we found babies' park kids academy!
Come to classroom by all means at this opportunity (^^♪

☆: *+ campaign summary +*:. It is .*: +☆

<< experience-based privilege >>
During period, trial lesson is free! Furthermore…!
Babies' park: We present pretty original notebook♪
 (the second is targeted for finished one within ten days from the experience-based first time)
Kids' academy: We present original notebook +IQ support♪

<<entrance privilege >>
1, room entrance fri are free
We break the lesson charges number of times in 2, the first month
3, second month lesson charges half price

Furthermore! Lesson notebook + pretty original rucksack of CURAS applicable in Muro with babies' park is present♪

In addition, one that selected room entrance as early time is advantageous << early room entrance privilege >>,
Discount only for this time including << pair room entrance privilege >> to get by room entrance that is same as friend and brothers is varied!

At first come to experience casually (^^♪

◇Application for trial lesson is this
Park this which is targeted for 0-3 years old babies'
Academy this which is targeted for 3-8 years old kids'

◇Details from here of campaign

Under new experience-based acceptance♪

・Child care T.O.E. baby park until 3 years old

All child care study session & trial lesson twice course (8,640 yen) is 1,000 yen now!
Furthermore, in entered after trial lesson, room entrance fri is at half price!

・Cognitive education T.O.E. kids academy from 3 years old

Under free trial lesson (once) occasional application acceptance!
※Inquiry, application: 0120-415-181 (weekdays, Saturday from 9:30 to 17:00)

Under free trial event conduct♪

We can learn art of child care to help the rich "intelligence, heart, body" of child development through pleasant music and song of toy.
We carry out child care consultation by "T.O.E. baby park" lecturer. As you hold regularly, please participate casually♪

Basic information

Regular holiday sun
Business hoursFrom 10:00 to 16:00
Phone number0120-415-181
Address1-18, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa VIVACE 3F

T.O.E baby park course

Mon lesson charges 15,120 yen
Enrollment fee 15,120 yen (7,560 yen of one 50% OFF where trial lesson was taken)

T.O.E kids academy course

Mon lesson charges 15,660 yen
Room entrance fri 21,600 yen