Fun bookstore from Nagoya, "VILLAGE VANGUARD" came back for your requests!! Books and CDs, miscellaneous goods, toy, candy, T-shirt, clock etc. Selected fun goods lined up in the store. Enjoy our special bookstore where you forget the time passing by.
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Very popular Minion goods are now on sale!

・Minion backpack 4,860 yen
Plush doll backpack with soft material!!

・Talking minions 4,310 yen
They talk and sing when we talk by minion words!

・Singer song minions 3,230 yen
Minion sings when we push stomach!

★Film information & schedule of "Despicable Me 3" from here!

"Rabbit is hiro" VILLAGE VANGUARD limited items!

"Rabbit is hiro" VILLAGE VANGUARD limited items!

"Rabbit is hero" has released with VV-limited goods in commemoration of Vol. 2 (work: published by Iguchi Hospital: Frontier Works) extreme popular WEB comics that we recorded more than number of pixiv total PV 5,200,000!
Rabbit boss and subordinate of wolves became as canned badge, acrylic stands and mug cup!
Key holders that wolves come out by certain angle is very unique!

・Canned square badge 486 yen
・Change Key holder 1,080 yen
・Acrylic stands 1,188 yen
・Notebook type multi phone case 3,780 yen
・Mug cup 1,296 yen

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