Fun bookstore from Nagoya, "VILLAGE VANGUARD" came back for your requests!! Books and CDs, miscellaneous goods, toy, candy, T-shirt, clock etc. Selected fun goods lined up in the store. Enjoy our special bookstore where you forget the time passing by.
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Marvel's popular leading character "venom" limited goods has released at Village Vanguard!

Village Vanguard limited items which have power of Venom with ferocious appearance are now on sale!!

In commemoration of this goods release, we present MARVEL specially made shopper when you purchase product concerned!
(amount is limited, it will be finished as soon as stocks are end)

・T-shirts 4,860 yen
・Clear-file 756 yen
・Sticker 540 yen
・Canned badge 843 yen
・Iphone case 3,024 yen
・Carabiner mug 1,728 yen
・Eye mask 1,080 yen
・Pouch 1,512 yen
・Tote bag 2,700 yen
・Document pouch 2,160 yen

★Spider-Man homecoming screening and schedule from here

Very popular Minion goods are now on sale!

・Minion backpack 4,860 yen
Plush doll backpack with soft material!!

・Talking minions 4,310 yen
They talk and sing when we talk by minion words!

・Singer song minions 3,230 yen
Minion sings when we push stomach!

★Film information & schedule of "Despicable Me 3" from here!

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