"Size KOLOR feel" handles AVEDA, Kerastase and is salon creating hairdressing by hair care surgical operation that is kind to good-quality hair regardless of man and woman.
Using 100% more naturally derived raw materials, we grant thought of customer by hair care program corresponding to each one.
Power of visit to rerutabinifuutto shoulder is lost even if we spend busy time so much and can feel pure white. We can experience relaxation space of healing that there are healing, natural aroma.
By power of nature, we find correct personal KOLOR to you in high KOLOR technology with moisture, pure herb KOLOR agent to lead to rich hairdressing.
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To fresh and clean scalp immediately "AVEDA pramasana series"

Scalp care of a new idea focusing on the foundation that creates beautiful hair, care of the scalp Pramasana
Remove scalp dirt and excess sebum and keep clean condition.
It protects the scalp with a veil of moisture and aims at a condition where shiny hair is born from the core.

・Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser 3,564 yen
Rich frothing, cleanser for the scalp. Clean dirt and sebum of scalp before shampoo

・Pramasana scalp protected concentrate 5,832 yen
Scalp treatment that protects the skin from external stimuli with moisture veil.

・Pramasana exfoliating scalp brush ¥ 4,860
Looped pin removes excess keratin and dirt accumulated on the scalp.

※Please ask to the store for further information.

★Hair care product is prepared! Advice that is appropriate for substantial assortment of goods★

"AVEDA" "Kerastase" "johnmasters organics"…
Popular hair care, organic product, home-care product are fulfilling.

The first impression changes with hair completely.
Let's look for article solving trouble together♪

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