A shop specialized domestic and foreign electric guitars, bases and acoustic guitars offered by YAMANO MUSIC "GUITAR SPOT" Kawasaki. We display approximately 700 guitars, basses proud of assortment of goods of the earth's greatest scale in a very large shop, and it is substantial assortment of goods which is convenient to see from beginner to professional, to be able to enjoy and to purchase.
Not only the guitar itself but also band score and manual books are lined up too. In addition, stock parts for guitars & bases are the earth's greatest scale in the shop too. We offer repair & maintenance of musical instruments also. We operate a music classroom, and support student progress by personalized lessons one to one.
Please enjoy gallery-style shop different from conventional musical instruments store.
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New booth "TAYLOR ROOM" is opened!

New booth "TAYLOR ROOM" opened in guitar spot!
We always display all shapes of Taylor guitars and lineup of various tone wood to be able to find your favorite guitar which matches your need.
Please feel free to ask our staff for any questions.

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We open up LINE application → "Others" → "Official account" → Search by ID.

ID: @guitar_spot

ID: @guitar_spot_school


Guitar classroom

Personalized lesson of one-to-one only in store specializing in guitars!
We can enjoy from beginners, children to grown-ups advanced skills.

Acoustic guitar/electric guitar/electric guitar base/ukulele/151 society
Date Every Monday, thu, fri, sat ※Three times a month
Time: Personalized lesson 30 minutes
Fee Fee 10,000 yen (tax-excluded)
※As separately initial expense enrollment fee + text charges 7,000 yen (tax-excluded)

★Under free trial lesson conduct!

★Under enrollment half price campaign conduct! 10,000 yen (tax-excluded) → 5,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Stated value becomes all tax-excluded. Please bear consumption tax separately.
For more details, please refer to store.
Inquiry TEL 044-210-1962

Drum classroom

That we wanted to knock on once for some time and which we do not readily make progress in though we began.
We can master dynamic drumming at altitude naturally while wearing right form, basic technique.

Feeling is fine if we swat to rhythm! At first please try from free trial lesson.

Drum classroom
Date Mon, wed (three times a month)
Time: Personal 30 minutes
Fee The beginner's class 9,000 yen (tax-excluded) ~

★Under enrollment half price campaign conduct! 10,000 yen (tax-excluded) → 5,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Stated value becomes all tax-excluded. Please bear consumption tax separately.
For more details, please refer to store.
Contact TEL 044-210-1962

≪Mon. Nakamura Souta profile≫
After graduating from university, we acquire experience by support of various band Aristrist and music channels.
Energetic place tile which adopted Cuba and Brazilian groove positively, and flew over jazz, on the rocks, Latin and fence of genre.
We do own band and much Aristrist activities and lay emphasis on lesson, lecturer activity including clinic and deal with composition or arrangement.
We play an active part as drum technical center, drum tuner. 

≪Wed. Hirohara Kou profile≫
We study under Mr. Bernard Purdie after Berklee College of Music graduation via YAMAHA Gakugeidaigaku center in visit to the United States, 2002 in 1998.
We continue working on many players and costarring, energetic performance in Boston, NY and return home in 2007.
It is teacher that heart is extensive from the rich experience!

≪Sun. Noguchi Satoshi profile≫
We belong to percussion of brass band club in junior high school days and begin drum.
We belong to jazz society in light music club, college student days in high school days.
We study under drummer Kozo Suganuma from college student days.
Including correspondence exercises from basic beet to roux D face, strange time, ensemble in musical piece of various genres, reading music, saifu, sheet of music learn about drum more deeply.
Now only as drummer as drum technical center, drum sound designer play an active part.