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Various French antiques and brocante products up to 50% OFF!
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[Sale date and time] 8/30 Wed from 11:00 to 20:00 ※Regular holiday: Thursday

The shop will be at LA CITTADELLA MAGGIORE 2F division D.
Please refer for one that wants to look at product to North6Antiques / eNe / La Trouvaille (division A).


8/11 Friday (holiday) - 8/13(sun) special event shop
Gardenia by Rosa & Agnahuecom-Land
Gardenia by Rosa & Agnahuecom-land

Inspired from my rose garden, plants and creatures.
We display european vintage beads and button accessories, autumn new items of woodcut printings.
Please enjoy the amber world.

VAN DES COLLECTION related events

We hold various events in VAN DES COLLECTION through a year.
We will inform at official HP and SNS as soon as the event is decided.


One and only item that has never be the same, even we look for the same item around the world. The taste that only genuine article which continues remaining longer the time.
We are attracted by such antiques and those people of shops in Kawasaki city where making use of antique items in the shop, space direction and here the column series are having them talk about the charm of antique.

Vol.3 KARAOKE BAR FUNSUI (Kawasaki-ku)
We are very happy if we find some visitors who knows about antiques and think "these shops are cool "

Fun part of an antique is we can always increase them. It is hard to start, but it eventually become nice when we begin to collect various items. We think that it is because one thing, each has strong individuality each.
But we increase items little by little every day as if not being greedy very much. We are very happy if we find some visitors who knows about antiques and think "these shops are cool




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