VINTAGE MARKET vintage market

2018.3.17(Sat) -3.21 (Wed/holiday)

Popup shop that buyers go around the world and selected used clothing is open!
Vintage shops will be gathered from all over Japan!

[holding time] from 11:00 to 20:00

[Venue] LA CITTADELLA access


[3/16 (Fri) ~ 3/21 (Wed/holiday)]

[3/16 (Fri) ~ 3/18 (Sun)]
Jolly Good Clothing

[3/17 (Sat) ~ 3/19 (Mon)]

[3/18 (Sun) ~ 3/21 (Wed/holiday)]

[3/19 (Mon) ~ 3/21 (Wed/holiday)]

Open day varies depends the shops. Please be careful.


[venue] LA CITTADELLA MAGGIORE 1F ~ 2F special shop



Special party of the VINTAGE MARKET previous night

■Let's check Market product lineup on the previous night! Purchase is possible!
■DJ Tomoyuki Tanaka playing an active part in the world is DJ play!
■Champagne and wine is free. Between with storekeeper or vintage fashion enthusiasts chat
■We offer shoe polishing service by specialist Brift H of shoe polishing

Date: 2018/3/16 (Fri)
Date From 20:00 to 22:00
[Reception hours] From 19:00 to 21:30 ※On the day there is receptionist.

DJ FPM Tomoyuki Tanaka

Play an active part as DJ/ producer at home and abroad.
We release eight pieces of original albums after debut in "The Fantastic Plastic Machine" in `97.
As re-mixer, FATBOY SLIM, RIP SLYME, Tomoyasu Hotei deal around with UNICORN, Sakanaction, works more than 100 pieces including Howie B.
"Austin Powers is in charge of musical piece production of Web contents "UNIQLOCK" of UNIQLO which won each Grand Prix in musical piece production of short story animation which Ryu Murakami dealt with for LOUIS VUITTON other than musical piece offer to deluxe" and "SEX AND THE CITY" and world three blockbuster Prize, and cross ground of achievement to many divergences.
For DJ, Japan already conquers whole of Tokyo prefectures and is proud of the play results in approximately 60 cities abroad, and in late years the number of the appearance events exceeds 100 a year lightly.
Domestic celebrity festival than the cause as for a lot of appearance experience to overseas celebrity festival including kochiera festival of America and British Redding festival.
Place tile lined in abundant musicality without being bound by fixed concept of genre gets trust that is great as party DJ of domestic and foreign high brands.

DJ Nakamura Hiroshi (i-dep)

Start activity as solo project, i-dep in London for the millennium period.

In 2004, debut single "Rustlica" releases world from Italian IRMA RECORDS. We announce six pieces of albums, and we are appreciated by domestic and foreign music fans and have career that recorded the third place in general chart of iTunes until now.

It is experimental, characteristic i-dep is particular about live with band form, and melody line emotional beautifully which free sound making is new while being royal road and swims on the track appears on overseas festival energetically without remaining in Japan. We gain many great successes.

We are active as producer of sotte bosse known as existence of instigator of cafe music and cover boom of these days. We record 850,000 pieces of sales until now. In addition, we deal with JUJU, Akiko Wada, Mikako Komatsu, Kana Hanazawa, sincerity close Eli, produce of various types of Aristrist including massan X bashiry.

Long piece animation of studio KOLOR production that Hideaki Anno of picture supervisor proud of global popularity acts as representative is in charge of theme song of "dentist of dragon", song of insertion and part sound track recently.

We continue sending as Melody Maker and cause music of concept called "which has place of various expression as arranger, DJ, and sends" new pop music.

[admission] 1,000 yen

For those who wish to visit, please fill prior application.
Prior closing date time: 3/16 (Fri) 12:00

Prior application from here

Person who is not applied for in advance can enter. Come to venue reception desk.
When we enter and regulate, customer who had you apply in advance becomes entrance given priority.

※On the day please pay admission to venue in established acceptance.
※As for the person having invitation case, prior application is unnecessary. On the day come to reception desk established in venue directly.
※We will prepare alcohols. Please refrain from visits by car.

When entrance regulation is not done, customer who is not applied for in advance can enter.


■Shooting with still camera enters. Pictures taken on the day may be used for media or organizer advertisements.
Thank you for your understanding.

■Guidance of event branch & tenant branch applicant
Detailed information, please identify document.

Branch document is this

※It takes password. As for those who wish to open a store, I would like inquiry to the following.

CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. facility administration part
TEL 044-223-2333

[inquiry] TEL: 044-233-1934 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:30)