Yumi Matsutoya Celebration by LESLIE KEE photo exhibition of the 45th anniversary

Photo exhibition of magnificent scale that likened most of the appearance of LA CITTADELLA as a gallery!
Best album "Love song from Yuming" in commemoration of the Yumi Matsutoya 45th anniversary which will be released on April 11th. During jacket photography, a number of pictures including unpublished photos taken by international photographer LESLIE KEE adoring Yumin are exhibited at the outer wall of LA CITTADELLA!


From 2018 April 11th Wednesday to July 8th Sunday
※Please note that June 2nd (sat), 3rd (sun) holds different large-scale event in the facility.


Whole LA CITTADELLA access


Free entrance


Featuring Your Yuming Songs!

Collaboration umbrella present!

Among the songs of Yumi Matsutoya celebrating the 45th anniversary, we are featuring for your great songs and episodes in the photo exhibition venue!
We present Y45 collaboration umbrella to person who had you fill in each memory by the first arrival!
In addition, in one that had you fill out, in the one you like, "Yumi Matsutoya CONCERT TOUR space library 2016-2017" showing in high-end sound system "LIVE ZOUND" of movie theater CINECITTA' on Friday, July 6 can apply for lottery of screening fair invitation in particular!

Date and time

From 2018 May 18th, Friday to June 7th, Thursday
From 12:00 to 20:00


LA CITTADELLA MAGGIORE 1F special event space
※Center fountain open space Access


Free entrance

Participation Method

1) Please arrive to the above mentioned venue.
※When there is a large number of customers before 12:00 for the opening, we might ask you to wait and line up.
※At the time of congestion, we may set a limit to the entrance.

2) We prepared "memory song and episode" entry paper and "Yumi Matsutoya CONCERT TOUR space library 2016-2017" special screening viewing application form. Please receive from the hall staff and fill in necessary information.
※We display "memory song and episode" entry paper whichyou fill out in the venue.
※We may use "memory song and episode" that had you fill out for the media or sponsor trade rag. Thank you for your understanding.
※Entry of "memory song and episode" says that it is to once per person during period. I would like cooperation to be able to participate in more customers.
※We distribute entrance rearranging ticket from 12:00.
※If on the day can come over to venue by 20:00, person having entrance rearranging ticket exchanges for umbrella.

3) Bring "memory song and episode" entry paper to the staff after the entry. We hand collaboration umbrella for entrance rearranging ticket and exchange.
I would like mailing in "Yumi Matsutoya CONCERT TOUR space library 2016-2017" application BOX where screening society viewing application paper was installed in particular in venue.

※Present of umbrella becomes 250 first arrival on 100 first arrival, Saturday and Sunday on weekdays.
※For the first arrival of umbrella, we accept recruitment of viewing applicants of "memory song and episode" and special screening society after distribution.

About umbrella

We prepare three kinds of umbrellas to theme of "Love song from Yuming" released on Wednesday, April 11.
Depend of the period, the Kind of umbrella to present varies as follows.
May 18 Fri - May 24 Thu Pure Eyes [blue]
May 25 Fri - May 31 Thu Urban Cowgirl [orange]
June 1 Fri - June 7th Thu Mystic journey [pink]

About special screening society

From November, 2016 to September, 2017, we hold special screening fair in high-end sound system "LIVE ZOUND" in CINECITTA' (movie theater) in commemoration of release of DVD which the last performance performed in Tokyo International Forum of "Yumi Matsutoya CONCERT TOUR space library 2016-2017" performed publicly in total in 42 cities was recorded in!
We invite 500 people by lot from one that had you apply.

[screening date and time] July 6th Fri 19:00 ~
     ※Running time may be changed by convenience. Thank you for your understanding.
[venue] CINECITTA'
[application method] can apply for photo exhibition venue in established special event space.
[application period] 2018/5/18 fri ~ 6/7( thu) from 12:00 to 20:00
[successful announcement] obtain with shipment of letter of invitation in the middle of June.

Note: Please fill in application paper with personal information (the name, address, phone number, age).
We use personal information that had you fill out in duties cooperation about event and participant list.
In addition, we may inform of confirmation about application contents from sponsor. Thank you for your understanding.

About "Yumi Matsutoya CONCERT TOUR space library 2016-2017"
About sound system "LIVE ZOUND"

Romantic fountain show that "song of Yuming" and "Water" and "lights" weave!

Fountain Show ~ CINEMA & YUMING

You can enjoy original fountain show that you can experience only here that selected music mainly on musical piece used in movie.


From 2018 May 25th to July 8th Sun


Center fountain open space area


Free entrance

Music title

"Yasashisa ni tsutsumaretanara", "Ruge no dengon", "Mamotte agetai" "Kokoro hodoite"

Conduct time

Information from here

Collection of "Yumi Matsutoya X LESLIE KEE" photographs on sale!

”YUMING FOREVER" the collection of luxury preservation versions at the culmination of 12 years, which was produced to celebrate the 40th anniversary, British art group who has worked on album jacket design of artists such as Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney, Hypnosis members Storm Sawason and Peter Kruson sell art box "YUMING FANTASY" art direction at the photo exhibition!

Sale period

~ 2018 July 8th (sun)

Sale place


Sales price

"YUMING FOREVER" 30,000 yen (tax-included)
"YUMING FANTASY" 30,000 yen (tax-included)


・Yuming X 40 fashion brand portrait
・Unscreened other cut photograph
・Talk interview
・Photos taken at overseas
・Shooting making
Approximately 300 items
Page 224
B4 size transformation
With hard cover / case
Please choose among three kinds of covers

Powerful imagination album covering 40 works and album jacket design, the world's first record art box with four covers taken.
Square 340mm *340mm *60mm
Record size box /40 piece jacket print / red decoration record / both sides poster catalogue
Please choose among four kinds of covers

The best album of the 45th anniversary of Yumi Matsutoya

"Love song from Yuming" releases on Wednesday, April 11!

"Love song from Yuming"
April 11th release with 45 songs of Class three pieces

Million seller "Nihon no koi and Yuming" which is not recorded in this album, 45 songs which Yuming selected as "want you to listen this time". Best album two-part work conclusion!
During photo exhibition period in BGM in hall of LA CITTADELLA "Love song from Yuming" In this!


You can purchase in TOWER RECORDS Kawasaki shop.


Best album "Love song from Yuming" of the 45th anniversary of Yumi Matsutoya Special site

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