-Citta' Forest played by nature-

 This year's illumination will be a collaborative version of art with CITTA’OASI, a greening project that La Cittadella has been working on since 2015!
Based on the planting that overflows in the facility, we will develop a seasoned decoration full of originality unique to CITTA under the theme of "GREEN" x "ART" x "ILLUMINATION".
Please enjoy the harmonious green space including art works with dry swags, tree branches, air plants and so on as key items.
As a shooting spot, we will also set up “Happy Tippi Tree” inspired by European customs, where kissing under a tree is connected with eternal love and friendship. Please spend a Christmas with plenty of botanical essence rare in the city with your loved ones.

[Lighting period] From November 23 (Sat) to December 25 (Wed)
Lighting Time 16:30-24:00
Wall art and some illuminations will be lit until the end of March.


Sign (or we get an illusion) ~ in ~ forest

 Work by Aristrist, Yohei Takahashi who wins "live paint dojo" first generation king, and is one of the outstanding influential people in the 10s.
We develop creature motif which is energetic by bright color and wall art that we did around fountain open space.

 Work concept
We may feel sign of someone on the other side of the trees and plants growing thick when we walk in mountain.
It may be only imaginary product which it merely grew "to see real identity of ghost, and to be in phrase called withered eulalia".
However, we cannot say that there is no absolutely either. "Illusion" of place saying in psychology is not error of recognition and points to phenomenon of heart that occurs even if only anything is carefully.

Illuminations & wall art

- Decoration design -

VISCUM FLOWER STUDIO/ Toshihide Okamoto official homepage

Other than bouquet, the decorations of wedding, we are doing styling of plant from the decorations of commerce space to fragrance candle. As for a lot of examples of workshop in foreign countries.

- Wall art Aristrist -

Yohei Takahashi official homepage

We create biology to be energetic by bright color while controlling accidental phenomenon by wild action as own technique skillfully. We win "live paint dojo" first generation king, and there is one of the outstanding influential people in the 10s.

- Artwork partner -

SUMAR WORKS official homepage

We make space design artwork coming out of unique idea form by high technology. We cross young artist and popular brand, activity including collaboration work production with team of other fields including start-up company recently to many divergences.

Lottery 2019 with gorgeous prizes!

Christmas lottery very popular every year! Slightly early Christmas present hits from LA CITTADELLA!

[A prize] First come, first served! Selectable much-talked-about household appliances

B Prize: For 15 people LA CITTADELLA from Saturday, December 21 to Wednesday, December 25-limited use ticket 10,000 yen

C Prize: For 250 people LA CITTADELLA common use ticket 500 yen

Store Prize: Shop sponsored goods

[lottery summary]

 Lottery ticket distribution period From Saturday, November 23 to Sunday, December 15 20:00
 Lottery venue: VIVACE 2F special event space
 Lottery date and time It is 11:00-21:00 all day for from Friday, December 13 to Sunday, December 15

 During period, we give lottery ticket according to purchase amount of money at store (we remove some stores) in LA CITTADELLA.
 Purchase amount of money at 1 store
 I hand <one piece of lottery auxiliary ticket> every <one piece of lottery ticket>/500 yen (tax-included) every 3,000 yen (tax-included).
 Lottery ticket is one piece, and lottery auxiliary ticket can draw lots with six pieces once.

It spreads through chance! We get lottery ticket in plus!

- We purchase product targeted for 1 - fair

 By the product purchase targeted for product, parfait fair targeted for Christmas fair, we present <lottery ticket> more.
 The number of presents lists in fair held store [PDF] on Christmas.


 CINECITTA' ticket: It applies to ticket of (from Saturday, November 23 to Sunday, December 15), and for amount of money becomes lottery auxiliary ticket during distribution period.
 Ticket without amount of money notation becomes two pieces of auxiliary tickets.

 CLUB CITTA' ticket: It applies to ticket of the day of the lottery (from Friday, December 13 to Sunday, December 15), and one piece of ticket becomes lottery ticket, and one time of lottery is possible.

 Please note that you seal the back side in finished mark on each ticket. You cannot participate by the presentation of smartphone.
 Some stores are different distribution conditions. Please contact each store for the details.
 One lottery per person is to ten times of upper limits.
 Handing over of lottery ticket is to up to ten pieces regardless of the use amount of money in 1 cashier.

Christmas fair

We offer special menu to be able to enjoy with important one and item which is recommended to present.

Winter parfait fair

We hold "winter parfait" becoming period-limited menu in popular Restaurant of LA CITTADELLA on Christmas fair. Please thoroughly enjoy original parfait using colorful, photogenic arrangement and seasonal foods!


 From Saturday, November 23, 2019 to Wednesday, December 25

Participating stores

 Offer time varies according to stores.
 Product may be the end as soon as it disappears.


Seafood salad parfait of the Sea of Japan
[Offer time] 11:00-22:00

Parfait of just like salad using fresh fresh fish which we stocked from Toyama Bay.
Parfait ≠ dessert, parfait = snacks ◎ 1,280 yen (tax-excluded)

La Petite Fromagerie -small cheese shop-

Tiramisu parfait of cheesemonger
[Offer time] 14:00-23:00

Coffee jelly light in airy tiramisu, crunchy flake.
Please enjoy various textures. 580 yen (tax-excluded)


390 yen parfait
[Offer time] It is 30 ~ L.O.22 at 9:00

It is selectable kind-rich 390 yen parfait for feeling of the sun. 390 yen (tax-excluded)


Premium strawberry parfait
[Offer time] 11:00-22:00

mariaju of strawberry and chocolate of Class A rank!
Appearance is pretty deluxe high quality strawberry parfait, too! 1,400 yen (tax-excluded)


[ten meals-limited a day] Parfait of berry and pistachio that rose is fragrant
[Offer time] 15:00-17:00

Such as compote and pistachio cream of fragrant strawberry of rose, orange gelee
Parfait using seasonal fruit. 1,100 yen (tax-excluded)

Christmas live

In venue decorated under the theme of "GREEN" and "ILLUMINATION" and "ART", we hold special live with luxurious Aristrist.
In fantastic space, please enjoy held Christmas live.


 LA CITTADELLA *CINECITTA' Street Free Entrance!


 Saturday, November 23

[appearance time]

 From 15:00 to 15:40 Eri Nishi incense official homepage
 From 16:30 to 17:10 Miu Sakamoto official homepage
 From 18:00 to 18:40 Miyuki Hatakeyama official homepage

Information at the time of rainy weather

 ・We change venue to indoor venue in facility, Capella sun ugli (church of angel) in rainy day and hold.
 →Access: Capella sun ugli (MAGGIORE 3F)
 ・When venue is changed, on the day we will tell on following, Twitter by 11:00 a.m.
 →Latest information Open space live Twitter
 ・When venue is changed, entrance becomes first-come-first-served basis (70 people).
 Please note that you enter and may regulate.
 ・Inquiry of the day
 TEL: 080-8883-6953
 Opening hours 11:00-18:30

Christmas fountain show

We will hold special fountain show with popular Christmas songs for a limited time only!
Please enjoy with illuminations to glitter.


 From November 23 (Sat) to December 25 (Wed)


 Center fountain open space area Access


 We carry out every 30 minutes at each time for mon - fri/from 17:00 to 22:30
 (as for the sat/sun/national holiday from 16:50 to 22:30)
 Timetable from here

 With holding and weather of event, we may cancel some shows. Thank you for your understanding.