Show fountain

Fantastic show fountain at PIAZZA CENTRALE
Water, light and music weave fountain show!

Valuable to see fountain blowing up to a maximum 15 meters high.
Night fountain show with light and music are wrapped in the fantastic mood
More romantic.

※This show fountain uses circulation type of water and LED lights with less energy.
Let's celebrate your special Day
We have "Happy Birthday" version of fountain show here at LA CITTADELLA!

How about special fountain show for someone special?

Conduct time: Every day 12:45/18:45
  • ・Apply from following button. We can accept from one month to ten days before conducting date. After receiving the application, we will send confirmation mail.
  • ・Come to facility information desk 10 minutes before the show starts on the conducting date.
  • ・As the use applies in LA CITTADELLA (including CINECITTA' CLUB CITTA'), please show receipt of the day or ticket (amount of money no object) at information desk.
  • ・We are sorry but at the time of any events, in case of poor machine parts, maintenance or a bad weather, we may not able to arrange the show.

Application reception desk

It is asked customer for infectious disease measures
You wear mask on viewing and have distance between customers open out enough, and please see show fountain. In addition, I would like cooperation of disinfection beforehand as we install antiseptic solution in the CINECITTA' elevator side or the information side.  

Show fountain music introduction

We feature the theme of "GREEN" X "ART" X "ILLUMINATION" and will develop seeds null decoration full of originality only by CITTA'. Please enjoy the harmonious green space including art works with dry swags, tree branches, air plants and so on as key items.


"Skull and Crossbones" "Pirates of Calibien"
"MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE" Theme of Mission Impossible
"SHE" "Lover of Notting Hill"
"Beauty and the Beast" "Beauty and the Beast"
"007 themes" "007"
"Diva Dance" "Fifth element"
"BATMAN theme" "Batman"
"Pink Panther" "Pink Panther"
"Con Te Partiro" Andrea Bocelli
"sing sing sing" "SWING girls"
"Al di la" "romance specialized course"

Schedule ※Show is for sudden cancellation by weather and other circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

11:00Nuovo Cinema ParadisoNuovo Cinema ParadisoPirates Of the CaribbeanNuovo Cinema Paradiso
11:30Sing Sing SingBATMAN007Beauty&The BeastPink PantherSing Sing SingBATMANSing Sing Sing
12:00Diva DanceCon Te PartiroDiva DanceAl di làCon Te PartiroDiva DanceSing Sing SingDiva Dance
12:20Beauty&The BeastMission:ImpossiblePirates Of the Caribbean
12:30Nuovo Cinema ParadisoMission:ImpossibleSHEPirates Of the CaribbeanMission:Impossible
13:00Pirates Of the CaribbeanAl di làMission:ImpossibleNuovo Cinema ParadisoAl di làCon Te PartiroAl di làCon Te Partiro
13:30007Diva DancePink PantherDiva DancePirates Of the Caribbean007Pink Panther007
14:00SHENuovo Cinema ParadisoBeauty&The BeastMission:ImpossibleNuovo Cinema ParadisoMission:ImpossibleBeauty&The BeastMission:Impossible
14:30Sing Sing SingPink PantherCon Te PartiroPink Panther
15:00Mission:ImpossiblePirates Of the CaribbeanCon Te PartiroSHEBeauty&The BeastPirates Of the CaribbeanSHEBeauty&The Beast
15:30Al di làDiva DanceNuovo Cinema ParadisoDiva Dance
16:00Con Te Partiro007BATMANCon Te Partiro007SHESing Sing SingSHE
16:30Pirates Of the CaribbeanMission:ImpossibleDiva DanceMission:Impossible
16:50Al di làPirates Of the CaribbeanAl di là
17:00Al di làSHEMission:ImpossibleBATMANSHE
17:30Nuovo Cinema ParadisoNuovo Cinema ParadisoCon Te PartiroNuovo Cinema Paradiso
18:00Pink PantherBATMANBeauty&The BeastPink PantherSing Sing Sing007Mission:Impossible007
18:30Pirates Of the CaribbeanCon Te PartiroDiva DanceAl di làCon Te PartiroBATMAN007BATMAN
19:00Nuovo Cinema ParadisoMission:ImpossibleSHEBeauty&The BeastMission:ImpossiblePirates Of the CaribbeanBeauty&The BeastPirates Of the Caribbean
19:30Diva DanceAl di làPink PantherNuovo Cinema ParadisoAl di làMission:ImpossiblePink PantherMission:Impossible
20:00007Pirates Of the Caribbean007Mission:ImpossiblePirates Of the CaribbeanSing Sing SingDiva DanceSing Sing Sing
20:30SHENuovo Cinema ParadisoMission:ImpossibleSHEDiva DanceAl di làSHEAl di là
21:00Con Te PartiroDiva DanceAl di là007SHEBeauty&The BeastPirates Of the CaribbeanBeauty&The Beast
21:30Beauty&The Beast007Pirates Of the CaribbeanCon Te Partiro007Pink PantherAl di làPink Panther
22:00Al di làBeauty&The BeastCon Te PartiroDiva DancePink PantherCon Te PartiroBATMANCon Te Partiro
22:30Mission:ImpossibleSHEBeauty&The BeastPirates Of the CaribbeanNuovo Cinema ParadisoSHENuovo Cinema ParadisoSHE
・We hold show in the daytime every every 30 minutes or one hour on weekdays.
・We hold shows every 30 minutes in the evening, wed, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
・Holiday becomes Holiday schedule.
・One show is around three minutes.

Schedule (the other window)