For grown-ups who wander around the night at CITTA', there is a stylish and chic playground

We prepared a fashionable and chic "adult playground" for ladies who came to Kawasaki.
In the depths of center fountain area…a cool amusement space appears where grown-ups can enjoy.
To enter this hidden space, you have to wait approximately five minutes until the show fountain is over.

How to enter the shop

Fountain open space of LA CITTADELLA, usually used for some live and show fountain.
There is hidden entrance of FUNSUI in the depths.

At around 18:30 calmly of shop is lighted.

Secretly opens after the show fountain at 19:00. The glass window curtain opens at the same time.

Take courage and try opening the entrance iron door. We are all waiting for your visit.

How to enjoy FUNSUI

Turkish lamp and antique furniture
Approximately 150 beautiful Turkish lamps spreading on the ceiling and selected vintage furniture. Please enjoy the fantastic space.

Karaoke party at stylish space
From the karaoke room, you can enjoy show fountain of the backside view. Also, we can directing the space as a live venue with laser light and smoke.

There are counter seats too
At stylish gold brass bar counter, you can enjoy just drinking.

Birthday cake plate and special show fountain
Birthday cake plate with special decoration. Furthermore, show fountain can be prepared for special version too. Please ask to any staff.


Karaoke & all-you-can-drink
Customer of the use
One hour 2,700 yen + tax per person
・Extension rate 1,500 yen + tax/one hour
Only in the seat
Customer of the use
CHARGE charges 800 yen + tax per person
・In the case of the use, it is + + tax/one hour of 1000 yen per person with karaoke

We offer a wide variety of drink menu.
For more details, please check the following site.

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Store information


4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa MAGGIORE B1F
19:00 ~ following day 3:00 (Wednesday, at the time of event 20:30 ~)
No fixed holiday (one day a month)
TEL: 044-201-6814
Instagram: @kawasakifunsui

Information for KARAOKE & BAR FUNSUI sisters shop


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