Message of CITTA' group (president)

In pursuit of stimulating daily life, what can you offer as 'CITTA' group'?

History of CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. began in Tokyo Nippori in 1922, and we moved base to Kawasaki afterwards, and we came to be concerned with the town planning, and it was already for nearly 80 years.
Thought at the time of founding of the founder was to want to provide temporary place including public bath and variety hall and movie theater of peace to general public who were desperate for life at the time. Afterwards, change town continued evolving in the times, and it was in the world where things overflowed gradually. With change of such times, we put directionality of business from temporary offer of peace into suggestion, dispatch of lifestyle and culture little by little. And the directionality is continuing still thinking about how you can send more stimulating daily life to everybody without change day and night.

We think that there should be we "CITTA'" for existence that in a sense "loosened" that made a clear distinction from others in Kawasaki. Risk considers that failure of result that challenged in the belongings should be rather praised as far as we assume stimulating everyday suggestion mission.
We do not ask what is accepted by customer and are company thinking about whether you want you to accept what as CITTA'.
It is company which continues carrying out meddlesome suggestion to want customer to spend time in this way with faith.

President Misu Alessandro

TVK [Kanagawa business Up To Date] appearance 2016.5.9 broadcast