Guidance of business hours

Shops 11:00-21:00 (some stores are open until 22:00)  
 Restaurant From 11:00 to 23:00 (some stores open from 7:00 to late at night)
 Multiplex theater CINECITTA' Depending on the film schedule.
 Music club CLUB CITTA' Depending on the performance.
 CITTA' WEDDING 11:00-19:00 (Thursday fixed closing day, reservation system)

※Business hours are vary depend on the stores, please refer directly for correct business hours.
Shops & Restaurants reference from here.
Movie theater CINECITTA', live hall CLUB CITTA', CITTA' WEDDING reference from here.

Payment method

Other than cash payment, you can use the following settlement method.
※Some settlement services are not available at some stores. Thank you for your understanding.

・Credit card settlement

・Transportation type IC

・Electronic money

・The QR cord settlement

LA CITTADELLA is JAL card sole agent!

Earn double miles by using the JAL card when making a payment at the stores.
More details from here!

Information center (MAGGIORE 1F)

We carry out the following services

  • ・Inquiry about shops and event
  • ・Inquiry of lost property
  • ・Broadcast (lost child, call announcement in the facility).

Free Wi-Fi service

In LA CITTADELLA, you can use free Wi-Fi service.

Free Wi-Fi area: CINECITTA' street, central fountain open space area.

※Registration of your e-mail address required.
※You may use it up to three times per day.


ATM is in Arena CITTA' 1F "FamilyMart". For any inquiry and other details, please ask the shop staff.

AED/ automated external defibrillator

AED is installed at front of the movie theater "CINECITTA'" ticket office which is located in MAGGIORE 1F.

Customer who accompanies child

There is powder room for visitors accompanying with baby.
There is crib and hot water supply device for milk to feed babies, diaper exchange and the nursing.
In addition, there are some restrooms installed babies seat (wall surface type) is in two places at MAGGIORE 1F, two places in the movie theater "CINECITTA'" on the 2nd floor and 4th floor, one place at MAGGIORE 1F and one place at VIVACE 3rd floor.
※There is no stroller for rent.

Customer who accompanies pet

The facility cannot be accompanied with any pet, except assistance dog (guide dog, service dog, hearing dog). Except some stores terrace seat can be accompanied with pets.


We install locker in passage before "YAMANO MUSIC on the rocks in".
Usage time: 9:30-24:00
※Except when there is all night movie, it will be open until closing time of CINECITTA'
Charge: Small ¥300/1day, medium-size ¥400/1day

Smoking space

Smoking space
It is located in MAGGIORE 1F.