Kawasaki Kimono Walk

Kawasaki Kimono Walk

Kawasaki Kimono Walk is Kimono rental service by CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD., Hotel & Hostel ON THE MARKS and Miyauchi Kimono Institute. We launched a joint project from the thought that many customers visiting Kawasaki to enjoy exploring the town in kimono. You can enjoy full-scale dressing by Miyaichi Kimono Institute dresser and beautiful silk kimono.

Rental plan

Rental plan: 5,000 yen (tax-included)

Includes Kimono dressing & Hair arrangement
Kimono, nagajuban, obi, obi bustle, belt and string, tabi, Japanese sandals, bag for kimono are all included
We offer yukata for summer from June through September.


TEL 044-221-2250

・We accept reservation until 4 pm of the previous day.
・Please finish the payment at reception desk on the day.
・Cancellation on the day will occur full payment.
・For safety reasons, this service is not available to pregnant women.
・Please return all belongings at reception until 9 pm.


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1.Make reservation

You make a reservation from application form or please make a reservation over telephone.
Once the reservation confirmation e-mail arrives, the reservation will be fulfilled.

2.Come to the reception

Please visit reception at the designated time on the day, and choose your favorite kimono.
Please consult the staff for color, pattern and small items selection!

3.Dressing time!

Change into underwear for kimono and enjoy dressing by master of Kimono dressing.
We will keep your luggage and cloth, but please keep all valuables.

4.Explore the town!

Please go out and explore the city in a wonderful kimono!
Please refer to the following, tourist attraction.

Dining plan

We will also reserve your designated restaurant reservations!
Please ask to the front staff for any assistance.


Promotor CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD., Hotel & Hostel ON THE MARKS, Miyauchi Kimono Institute, CINECITTA' Street Shopping District Promotion Association