Haisai Festa

Can be used for web meetings!
"Haisai FESTA Original Wallpaper"

We will offer original wall paper which is available than Haisai Festa at WEB meetings. From 2015 to this year, we offered six kinds of successive visuals. We are happy if available by all means at this opportunity.

【Regarding the use of wallpaper】
※We provide for the purpose of personal use. It is not available for use of commerce, company advertising.
※Redistribution is prohibition. When we are introduced, I would like to speak to guide of our site.
※Change of image size to Web, TV meeting application and some trimming are possible on using.

Notice of postponement

The 17th Haisai FESTA 2020, which was scheduled to be held from May 2 (Sat) to 6 (Wed / Holiday), 2020, has been decided to postpone based on the domestic situation of the new coronavirus infection.

The outlook for the upcoming May event is still uncertain, such as a series of cases of new coronavirus infections in Japan whose transmission routes are unknown. It depends on the judgment that the possibility of coronavirus infection cannot be ruled out.

Due to this decision, there is a possibility that this event may require some scale reduction or content change, but this will eliminate various anxiety factors and create a perfect environment that customers can enjoy with peace of mind.

The postponed schedule is September 19 (Sat) to 22 (Tue / holiday), 2020. We inform of the details of event about "Haisai FESTA" in our page as soon as it is decided.

Thank you for your understanding.


We will announce the details later. Don't miss it!

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State of last year

Thank you for your visit to the 16th Haisai Festa!
Last year, the “Haisai FESTA” began with the new era, Reiwa, in the 16th year.
With the largest number of exhibitors and event area expansion ever, the number of visitors reached a record high of about 250,000! In the new era, it will be even more exciting!

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