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Club Goritta

We hold annual popular event once again this year!
Club Goritta which opens only one night during the Haisai Festa.

Garage Sale Gori's Club Gorilla will gather Musicians and entertainers from Okinawa for having a party! -We can't do that this year, but let's have a good time together!
The first screening of the movie "Dakarayo-Tsurumi", which was filmed last year in Yokohama Tsurumi next to Kawasaki, has been decided! After the screening, directors and performers will appear and you can enjoy the talk live.
This year will be last appearance of Yanawaraba, who has excited Haisai FESTA every year. Mr. Yokou Gushiken who is from the same place as Yanawaraba, also coming to support! What kind of talk will be held with Yanawaraba going to the next stage! ? Don't miss it!!

Date & Time
September 22, 2020 Tuesday (holiday)
OPEN 13:00/START 14:00/CLOSE 17:00
Part 1: Movie screening "Dakarayo ~ Tsurumi"
Part 2: Special talk & live

14:00 ~ Movie "dakarayo ~ Tsurumi" screening 70 minutes
15:10 ~ Break time
15:30 ~ Talk & live
The 17:00 Ending
E plus
We begin to sell than ~ at 10:00 on Saturday, September 12
Today's ticket is sold at venue entrance only when there is ticket
Live streaming
YouTube channel of CLUBCITTA' determines live streaming!
※Only in Part 2 ※Archive delivery until the end of September


Saturday, September 19, September 22 Tuesday (holiday)
Saturday, September 19
11:00 Ryukyu Dance Shoryu Festival Taiko
14:00 *kyumaidannoboriryusaitako

September 22, Tuesday (holiday)
11:00 Ryukyu Dance Shoryu Festival Taiko
17:00 Wako society
Free (advance reservations system)
We have you confirm instructions by all means, and I would like the acquisition of viewing ticket

The acquisition of viewing ticket from this

Music festival
Sound of the Sanshin world

Announcement of "sound ~ sanshinyunuhibiki ~ of the music festival sanshin world" cancellation

"Sound ~ sanshinyunuhibiki ~ of the music festival sanshin world" which scheduled held oni on Tuesday (holiday) on September 22 pushed forward preparations toward holding, but decided to cancel holding this year.

We tell customer who had to wait for holding for pleasure in performance about apology deeply.

We will push forward preparations toward holding of the next year. We sincerely pray for convergence of your smile and health and speedy situation.

The Haisai Festa 2020 administration

Comment from Kazufumi Miyazawa

When "Kanto, Okinawa thought about age of performer, movement between Okinawa Kawasaki in the current situation that there was still much number of the coronavirus infected people newer than other areas, we reached conclusion that "sound of the sanshin world" couldn't but cancel by holding in this month. I am sorry in all of you, the truth looking forward to. However, we think that it does not match purpose of this concert if neither performer nor customer can participate with pleasant feeling without hesitation without worry, anxiety. We think this concert to be able to come true in "Haisai Festa" sometime soon. At that time, we will promise to become wonderful stage now. "Sound of the sanshin world" producer, Kazufumi Miyazawa

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