flat kawasaki
flat kawasaki

We change life of <you.>

Flat kawasaki is "gym of personal training" to be able to go to in peace. By "pressurization body make for woman" from diet to posture improvement! Course to aim at offers ideal and aim "for a short term".

To your ideal, flat kawasaki will support by one-to-one.
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Implementing measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

We kindly ask for your cooperation in order to enjoy safe and secure activities.

We change daily life by "pressurization body make" for woman!

Obtain "beautiful body" with "diet" to begin once a week from 30 minutes, and the genuine "glow of health" to you!

[pressurization body make] (tax-excluded)
Enrollment fee 10,000 yen
Desk work fee 5,000 yen
It is course 19,800 yen ~ four times a month for 30 minutes

We commit to ideal body with "diet course short-term for two months"!

There is no dieting that it is impossible for to do the unnecessary supplement purchase entirely. It is body make & diet of flat kawasaki to lead to result without unreasonableness!

[diet course short-term for two months] (tax-excluded)
Enrollment fee 50,000 yen
Monthly basis 98,000 yen/month

★Under free counseling conduct!★

Though we want to diet right now, after all, we are worried. Such a person come to free counseling by all means. We will recommend that we talk with contracted Trainer well!

Basic information

Regular holiday Every Friday
Business hours Mon - thu 12:00-21:00
Sat/sun/national holiday 10:30-19:30
Tel 044-210-3622
Address 1-18, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa VIVACE 3F
URL https://www.hotyoga-caldo.com/kawasaki/flat-kawasaki/