La Petite Fromagerie -small cheese shop-

La Petite Fromagerie -small cheese shop- We named in the image of store specializing in small cheese shop in Europe. Collect selected cheese from all over the world, offer your favorite cheese on the spot and purchase it. We also offer free cheese substitute, hot raclette, perfect wine and other drinks. We welcome using it in various scenes.
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Grand menu changed♪

"Shop ~ of La Petite Fromagerie ~ small cheese" which reached the first anniversary
We changed grand menu in commemoration of the first anniversary♪
Please come to eat new menu♪

Cheese fondue of cheesemonger

Quite popular cheesemonger was fully prepared in CITTA' and provided new menu in the fall and winter and started.

"Cheese fondue of cheesemonger" 1,000 yen Japanese yen +tax
 + We can taste truffle flavor for 100 yen, too.

Additional menu
Refill fondue sauce \ 380+tax
Each sausage/Nachos/chirikonkan \ 280+tax

We have around 40 kinds of selected cheeses from all over the world!

We have cheese of all the countries of the world in "La Petite Fromagerie".

You can eat a lot of for 200-250 yen, and there is all-you-can-eat of about 20 kinds of cheese for 100 minutes, 1,680 yen after 14:00, too.

Recommended menu!

・Raclette grill bacon plate 1,280 yen
Double Raclette cheese and Gouda cheese are melty!
Also free to change bread♪

In La Petite Fromagerie, we have 40 kinds of regular cheese from all over the countries!
For dinner time, we have menu for 20 kind of cheese all you can eat♪

Basic information

Regular holiday -
Business hours 11:00-23:00
Seat 12 seats of 18 seats/terraces in shop
Use of card Available
Reservation Reservation required for party
Reference budget Lunch 1,000 yen / Dinner 3,000 yen
Tel 044-589-3977
Address MAGGIORE 1F in 4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa LA CITTADELLA