A restaurant where you can enjoy authentic taste of curry and snacks using ethnic spices.

In addition, we have variety of delicious wines which owner visited and carefully selected in France.

Please use for parties, meetings with companies and family gathering in various scenes.

As our restaurant is shop providing ingredients cooked by Halal, please have in peace.
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Manaslu plan

Course menu that you can enjoy authentic taste with ethnic spices.
Harariya chicken tastes prejudiced with Spice Craft's own spice!

※It requires reservation until the day before

that' s (sloppy) talk of BOSS!

"Description of drinker roam" spice craft

Talk that CITTA' president cuts tenant owner about various trends keenly!
We talked about dishes and various culture about India!
⇒More details from here!

Basic information

Business hours 11:00-16:00
17:00-23:00 (L.O 22:30)
Use of card Available
Reference budget 2, 500 yen (normal average) 2, 500 yen (banquet average) 950 yen (lunch average)
Tel 044-589-5430
Address MAGGIORE 2F in 4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa LA CITTADELLA