The Ichi

The Ichi is a professional and highly specialized fashionable and trendy brand that combines traditional crafts and modern design.

Furthermore, in The Ichi, we perform manufacturer direct marketing and work on the monomaking of proudly. By performing all processes until sale made with plan, design, shop of products by oneself, of customer can send product of assent at hand. Please take in breath that is monomade.
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【New arrival information】 Japanese hairpin X Herbarium

From the "ichirin" series, a new one with a dried flower is now available.

■ichirin Japanese hairpin herbarium 
 -- - red/orange/yellow/blue/violet/rose

Seven different dried flowers are enclosed in a transparent acrylic material.
Gorgeousness, cuteness, coolness, and bewitching colors give different impressions.
Perfect for casual clothes also!

 [price] 3,600 yen (tax-included 3,960 yen)

Japanese hairpin new works are available!

■A few wave dragonfly beautiful hair pin (ripples dragonfly lump Japanese hairpin)
 -- - Japanese apricot with red blossoms/thin wisteria/sky blue/young leave

It was small and dropped a beautiful wave which stood into the surface of the water,
It is cool glass beads one ornamental hairpin (Japanese hairpin).
It becomes four-colored development to be able to find favorite KOLOR.

It is design which it is easy to treat toward the beginner who can place without minding direction!

[price] 3,400 yen (tax-included 3,740 yen)  

Implementing measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

We kindly ask for your cooperation in order to enjoy safe and secure activities.

Japanese hairpin of cat & mizuhiki kanzashi♪

We introduce popular series of cat X polygonum filiforme!
Is very popular toward the generation who is wide with fatty re modern design and color; ...!

■Traditional polygonum filiforme cat one ornamental hairpin - pearl white cat/pearl tea cat/pearl black cat
2,400 yen (tax-excluded)

Wooden axis that axis is longish, and is grippy. Even much hair is easily gathered up with one.
It is affinity . to casual clothes and kimono, yukata

Accessories of cat X polygonum filiforme♪

■Traditional polygonum filiforme work hair ornament - black and white cat/white tea cat
■Traditional polygonum filiforme work hair ornament - cat
※From the top
1,900 yen (tax-excluded)

Item which of course is excellent as accent of summary hair to fasten hair of forelock and side.
It is usable as broach pin if it shines to collars of clothes!

■Traditional polygonum filiforme work ear sashimi - white cat/black cat (pierced earrings)
■Traditional polygonum filiforme work earring - white cat/black cat (earrings)
2,400 yen (tax-excluded)

We create in silhouette which white cat and black cat sat down on quietly and are presence preeminence while being simple.
You have a choice between pierced earrings.

New color arrived for the popular Kanzashi!

Green and purple of new color come up to "Fiona ornamental hairpin" of two quite popular ornamental hairpins!

Drop cut beads of deep color taste let femininity become more attractive.
Let alone casual clothes, it is recommended to dress-up.
Ball chain connecting ornamental hairpin with is removable and can bring with style to like by sun as we transform ourselves into necklace!

[brand name] Fiona ornamental hairpin (green/purple)
[price] 6,200 yen (tax-excluded)

【Cat print Umbrella】 New colors are available!

It becomes design that you can enjoy various posing cats 360 degrees from anywhere.
Because only one wild cat gets mixed in in cat which we put bell and collar, we can wait happily without being bored with long waiting at a stoplight!

Please open umbrella in shop♪

●Type of cat varies according to color taste of umbrella!
[pink]…White tea cat [light blue]…Mackerel thorawhite cat [yellow]…Tortoiseshell cat

Stylish and cute Japanese pattern long and folding umbrellas♪

It is rich with design which is novel while assuming functionality, harmony that are fair or rainy weather combined use and Heiss Peck motif at light weight
Lineup that is wealth.
It is a new umbrella style that the user-friendliness and high-design by Hokusai Graphic.

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