"TOWER RECORDS" proud of the largest sales floor and number of stocks in Kawasaki district. A town of entertainment LA CITTADELLA Kawasaki has a special charm that we can look for sound track of the movies watched in CINECITTA', or look for CDs after the music live at CLUB CITTA' right after the performance. We offer new music information and suggest our original recommended items and campaign, "No Music No Life"
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TOWER RECORDS Kawasaki shop supports [Ryoko] [kobore]!

TOWER RECORDS Kawasaki shop Ryoko, kobore hard; suppose; the inside!
There is Kawasaki shop-limited collaboration poster, privilege, too!
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TOWER RECORDS Kawasaki shop hard push!
Singer song-writer that we participated in session of [kawasaki meltdown] at the Kawasaki Station station square from the end of 2019, and the video created a sensation of 1.2 million reading! Ryoko!
The first national distribution board! Under the "stay alone" release!

With powerful high tone voice that and some sadness and painfulness mingle
Sound that was affected by string zuku Seoul/R & B in modern neo-soul scene is attractive!
Extra-large collaboration poster notifies in TOWER RECORDS Kawasaki shop, too!
We will attach autographed straight photograph as privilege!
※The sale ends as soon as it is sold out

At last major debut!
4 pieces guitar rock band from Tokyo, Fuchu-shi!
Topic becomes heated mainly on live house! Of this kobore
2nd full album of 2020/08/05 release "becomes scenery" and is similar, and measure makes its debut at the ready from Nippon Columbia!

The lyrics to pierce chest for on the rocks sound that it is simple and is easy to hear are attractive!
We notify extra-large collaboration poster in TOWER RECORDS Kawasaki shop from August 4!
In addition, "it becomes scenery", and 2nd full album is the first arrival toward the purchase in (COCP41229)
We present collaboration postcard! Store-limited! As it is available only here, it is recommended!
※The sale ends as soon as it is sold out
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Collaboration goods available with 6 professional baseball teams!

Finally, professional baseball has started!

In Kawasaki shop Yokohama DeNA BayStars, Chunichi Dragons, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters,
We have Yomiuri Giants, Chiba Lotte Marines, collaboration goods with Tokyo Yakult Swallows!

There are some teams with individual player goods!
Please check them at the store!

Implementing measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

We kindly ask for your cooperation in order to enjoy safe and secure activities.

From "WEARTHEMUSIC", the latest work for MUSIC LOVER has arrived!

WEARTHEMUSIC offers a different way of enjoying the existence of invisible "sound". “Proposal of music life from music lovers to all music lovers” It is an apparel brand based with that theme!

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