In court of all weather type with roof, do you not enjoy tennis lesson comfortably?

As for "the UNIVERSAL TENNIS SCHOOL KAWASAKI", tennis supports your tennis life from the acquisition of basic movement to game plan in person who wants to enjoy tennis from how to grasp grips to the first person, which wants to aim at the top more as hard as possible.
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Announcement of new enrollment campaign!

If person who wants to begin tennis enrolls, it is advantageous now!

≪The new enrollment campaign privilege≫

1.Enrollment fee for free
2.The first mon tuition half price
 ※After the trial lesson, in the case of the same day enrollment, the first mon tuition becomes free in full.
3.As for the CURAS, lesson of the first mon is free to receive for the first time
4.Racket rental three months free of charge
5.Only for flyer bringing or WEB application, trial lesson charges are free

Selection of CURAS of relief

In "UNIVERSAL TENNIS SCHOOL KAWASAKI", enjoy lesson to anyone in peace; the top
We offer kemasuyo, four CURAS.

1.CURAS which has never met
CURAS for which has done one or two times of tennis at person who grasped racket for the first time and play degree, exercise weak in. It is lesson to be used to tool and tennis court of tennis. We help so that basic movement is worn happily brightly well.

2.It is experienced person, CURAS playing tennis after a long absence a little
Slight tennis experience and CURAS after a long absence target in tennis doing. We help while working as Larry happily, and challenging game so that basic form of each shot is worn.

3.Experienced person CURAS
We challenge more efficient form. shimutameya comfortable in rally with friend, CURAS which practices wearing the basic tactics of game. Three dimensions of court…Let's wear control using anteroposterior right and left, pitch, footwork for that. We help to increase variations of stable serve and shot, and to be able to enjoy game.

4.Perfect experienced person CURAS
CURAS aiming at tennis that is high level utilizing the four dimensions of anteroposterior right and left, pitch + speed control (can go lenience and severity for shot). Let alone establishment of more efficient form, we aim at improvement in collective strength while understanding challenge to the applied tactics and model sportsmanship. All of you work as maid finding out own tennis.

Basic information

Business hours Tue ~ fri 9:00-13:00
Tel 044-280-6862
Address 1-26, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Arena CITTA' 2F
URL http://www.tennisuniverse.co.jp/