Including Taylor, popular brand added G&L, KoAloha, Fender, Gibson, K.Yairi to full guitar shop and increased drum, cymbals which were fully equipped with shida room, and it was in specialty store of guitar and drum of the Kanagawa District best.

Strap and string, accessories and bits and bobs including stick are fulfilling, too. We establish music classroom.

From beginner to player, we look forward to visit widely.
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Implementing measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

We kindly ask for your cooperation in order to enjoy safe and secure activities.

Full range of drum section!

We make a lot of domestic and foreign famous brands even with snare drum, cymbals, and it is the number of the display of the Kanagawa District best for store specializing in guitar/drums.
Accessories and bits and bobs are fulfilling, too. Drumstick offers 180 regular items or more from standard brand to original model. We are fully equipped with shida room.
Attempt can work all, and person in charge of exclusive duty supports selection of drum to the first person.


We always display all body shapes of Taylor guitar and lineup of various tone Wood,
We come to be able to find guitar which is just good for oneself.
Please feel free to ask our staff for any questions.

Music classroom adds, too

We are carrying out lessons such as guitar and ukulele, drum.
In free trial lesson, do you not begin casually?
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Basic information

Business hours [from Monday to Saturday] 11:30-20:30
[Sundays and holidays] 11:30-20:00
Use of card Available
Tel 044-210-1962
Address 4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa MAGGIORE 1F
URL http://www.yamano-music.co.jp/a/shops/guitarspot/index