chinechittachinekurabu (member service) Terms of Use

Article 1 basic rule

1.We establish these terms about "chinekurabu" (CINE CLUB) which CINECITTA' (called "us" as follows) provides service. In addition, these terms are applied to all customers receiving service.
2.We shall be able to change these terms in what time, and member (we fix for Article 2) shall agree to this beforehand. In this case when we displayed Terms of Use after change on the online, we shall produce effect more.

Article 2 definition

1.It is said that definitions of term in these terms are as follows.
(1) "This card" means "chinekurabukado" (CINE CLUB CARD) which we issue.
(2) "Point" means chinekurabupointo which we set.
(3) "This privilege" means various coupons (including free appreciation coupon) which we set.
(4) This card is held, but "temporary member" means member information that registration is not completed.
(5) This card is held, and "this member" means member information that registration is completed.
(6) We put temporary member and these members together, and "member" means all this card maintainers.
(7) "Nonmember" means person that this card is not held.
(8) "Member information" means information that member oneself registered in the membership site.
(9) We match member information and the purchasing information that we acquired, and "personal information" means information that can distinguish member individual.

Article 3 card issuance and member information registration

1.When customer is expected to pay card issuance fee at appointed place that we set, we issue this card.
2.Proprietary rights of this card are in us.
3.When I judge that I have difficulty in in our duties accomplishment or technique, I may decline issuance of card.
4.We shall not refund card issuance fee which you were expected to pay under any circumstance.
5.We do issuance of this card with one piece for person one person who had you apply.
6.This member manages password or member information that we registered with severe attention and shall take the responsibility. We shall not take responsibility about the damage that we produced by leaks such as password or member information concerned at all.

Article 4 privilege, service

1.We shall be able to give the point to establish separately about the purchase of paid ticket by member.
But there is pay ticket which is not given point.
2.It is said only with point grant for one piece of ticket because of this one piece of card on the same day even if he/she purchases several tickets of the same time work product.
3.Member can do exchange to this privilege using the prescribed point that we establish.
4.Temporary member can use only free appreciation coupon in these privileges, but cannot use for the purchase on the Internet.
5.We do not do grant of this privilege by proposal after the ticket purchase and change at all.
6.The member shall perform inquiry about points in the predetermined method.
7. In the case of appreciation, we are not given point and this privilege using free coupon, various complimentary tickets.
8.We do not do adding up, realization of point and this privilege under any circumstance.
9.This privilege includes validity and cannot use more than period.
10. When there is not the paid ticket purchase, as for the point, point that we saved will lapse all from the last grant sun within scheduled period.
11. When refund is carried out with the screening cancellation, point, book privilege that has been given to depend on the screening concerned will lapse. In this case member shall accept the re-presentation of this card immediately.
12. We arrange changing contents, grant condition of this privilege in what time or a fixed period of time and shall be able to finish service, and member shall agree to this including lapse of point, book privilege beforehand.
13. We shall be able to cancel this member only for ticket which we purchased in chinetto until time when we prescribed.
But it becomes inapplicable in the following conditions.
(1) When we finish ticketing.
(2) When we use mubichike, free of charge appreciation coupon.
(3) When it is past cancellation possibility time.

Article 5 reissue

1.Member bends this card and we keep appropriately without injuring and shall manage.
2.We will issue new card by being expected to pay reissue fee at appointed place that we set when damage, damage, loss or theft of this card which this member holds occur. In this case when registered member information agrees with information that there was of proposal from this member, we authorize with proposal from the person and transfer member information including point and this privilege. But we succeed, and processing becomes after the next day of proposal sun, and only point and this privilege that we were able to confirm in the point of processing become a target of transfer.
3.When damage, damage, loss or theft of this card which temporary member holds occur, we will issue new card by procedure like this member, but become handled as the new enrollment without new card being able to succeed point, book privilege that has been given to this case, former card.
4.We shall not refund card reissue fee that you were expected to pay under any circumstance.
5.As member number is changed with reissue of new card, regardless of this member, temporary member, please be careful.
6.We shall not take responsibility about lapse of damage, damage of this card, point by loss or theft and this privilege at all.

Article 6 verboten

1.We forbid that member performs the following acts.
(1) Illegal act to let third party use this card and points, this privilege
(2) Illegal act such as buying and selling, and transferring this card and points, this privilege to third party
(3) Acts such as manipulation, removal of member information and this privilege
(4) Act to violate right of other members and act that we might violate
(5) Act to follow each issue mentioned above
2.When when member violates these terms or when there is a threat that or we judge that others need us for some reason, we may take stop or forced withdrawal action against use of chinekurabu of the member concerned without notifying the member concerned.
3.When we suffer damage by member having violated these terms, we shall be able to request compensation of the damage that we put on from the member concerned without being concerned with yes or no of suspension of chinekurabu or forced withdrawal disposal.
4.Misused card will collect in us.

Article 7 change, withdrawal

1.When there is change about member information that enrolled in us, this member changes immediately by membership site and shall register.
2.When this member wish to resign, we resign by our predetermined method and shall go through the procedure. When all procedures were completed, we do with withdrawal.
3.When they resign, all points, these privileges lapse regardless of validity, and all the member information that we registered is removed by foregoing paragraph. We do not refund card issuance fee that we received or reissue fee anymore.
4.When this member wish to delete member information by loss of this card, it becomes procedure like withdrawal.
5.After the withdrawal procedure completion, we cannot reuse thing and card letting you return point, this privilege that lapsed and member information that you deleted.

Article 8 personal information

1.We obey fate of Honjo, and we shall handle personal information according to "privacy policy" to establish separately "personal information protection guideline" appropriately.
2.We shall use only for purpose to determine personal information below.
(1) Notice, information about chinekurabu
(2) Grant of point, this privilege
(3) Delivery of e-mail magazine for members
(4) Various marketing, conduct of en quete
(5) It is thing about this service other than the above

Article 9 immunity from responsibility

1.When data such as member information, point, this privilege disappear or we are tampered by others, we do not take any responsibility about the damage accompanied with disappearance or manipulation.
2.We shall not take responsibility about troubles such as loss or theft of this card by member at all.
3.We may not provide all or a part of service by inevitability such as in operation to affect point and this privilege or technical trouble, natural disaster. In this case we do not take responsibility about the damage that member took at all.

Exclusion such as Article 10 antisocial power

1.For us, oneself does not have what we will not correspond to in future, again antisocial relations with power without corresponding to one of each following issues (called "antisocial power" as follows), and we announce, and member shall guarantee what we will not have in future.
(1) Gang
(2) Gangster (including person who does not pass from sun which was not gangster in five years)
(3) Gang associate member
(4) The people concerned such as officer, employee of gang-affiliated company or stockholder or substantial ruler
(5) Person who follows each other fronts issue
2.When member violated expression guarantee of foregoing paragraph, we shall be able to strike the member concerned off a list without requiring any notification promptly.

Article 11 governing law and competent court

1. Interpretation of these terms, governing law about application assume Japanese law.
2. When trouble occurs among us and members, both sides discuss to solve trouble to take in all sincerity.
3. When they cannot solve trouble even if they discuss, exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial of dispute assumes Yokohama District Court Kawasaki Branch.

Authority of Article 12 manager

1.When we judge us to be necessary, we shall be able to change our terms anytime.

Supplementary provisions
Our terms apply from 0:00 a.m. on March 13, 2018.
Indication based on the mail order method
In chinechittachinetto (the Internet purchase), we state clearly based on "Specified Commercial Transactions Law" Article 11 (advertisement about mail order) as follows.

Company name: CINECITTA' sales representative
Location 〒 210-0023 4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Inquiry about this service to the following
Mail: Tel: 044-223-3231