Continue being got close as movie town; and 60 rest of life! Mall VIA CINECITTA' mall where opening that there is is like delightful atmosphere in Europe just to walk

A cobbled road like the city of Italy and a variety of unique shops invite you to an unusual entertainment space. Foundation of VIA CINECITTA' street shopping mall has old history and works from 1950. It became a corporation in 1991and expanded the range of activities and has reached the present.


We support seven languages! <Menus for foreigners which can enjoy meals comfortably by pointing sheet that can also enjoy shopping>

In restaurant of VIA CINECITTA', we prepare for menu corresponding to seven languages other than Japanese menu at each shops.
In addition, we offer a pointing sheet that corresponds to seven languages at merchandising and service shops.

Correspondence language [English, Chinese simplified Chinese character, Chinese Chinese Traditional, Korean, Vietnamese, word (Portuguese) in Brazil, Hindi]
POP of store is mark of participation shop.


<Wi-Fi free environment for all visitors>

VIA CINECITTA' and VIA CLUBCITTA' free Wi-Fi in the almost whole area.
Also, if you download JapanConnected-free Wi-Fi application, you will be able to use seamless Internet environment as it will lead to free Wi-Fi with one tap at the time of coming to the city
*60 minutes each, any times of the day.


We made 7 language menus, pointing sheet and free of charge Wi-Fi for foreigners as mall pulling improvement support project in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Small and Medium Enterprise Agency 2016 and installed.

Kawasaki ZERO GATE

※We can access shop's HP when we click store's name of each shop.

Corporate member

  • CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. (real estate industry)
  • CINECITTA' (movie theater management, plan)
  • Rex (capsule hotel management)
  • CLUB CITTA' (live hall management, plan)
  • Sankyou reinetsu Industry (overall building management, air conditioner)
  • Kurakata Corporation (building management, cleaning all areas of our operation)
  • Nakano (real estate industry)


Pavement of VIA CINECITTA' was reborn.

We want to make a place where everyone think "it was fun" for all visitors.
This pavement repair was the beginning of the remodeling.

We transport genuine stones which we cut and brought down from Trento city in northern Italy by surface mail and use to make use of image of town.

Even shoes of heel can walk smoothly and pavement that there is few of step can walk by stroller.

Season event including Haisai Festa and summer festival are very exciting. Please visit.

Pavement of VIA CINECITTA'

On October 21, 2015, we held VIA CINECITTA' pavement repair ceremony.
We had tape cutting attend Mayor Fukuda and had encouragement, "we wanted it to be in town which could make scene such as the one scene of movie.".

Pavement of VIA CINECITTA'
Before the construction
Pavement of VIA CINECITTA'
During construction period
Pavement of VIA CINECITTA'
After the completion

This business receives investment of CINECITTA'Street Shopping District Promotion Association member and subsidy of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Kawasaki-city and carries out.

Address CINECITTA' Street Shopping District Promotion Association
7-4, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi
[telephone] 044-211-6666